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What?! You Can Get Voice Over Advice from the Pros for FREE?!?

If you don't already know this about me, I'm a vlog and webinar junkie. I've legit learned how to surf, cut my own hair, and change my cabin air filter thanks to videos on YouTube. I also watch voice over videos like it's my job-- oh wait, it is;)

Y'all, I listen to these videos on the car ride home after dropping our son off at school, while drinking my morning coffee and checking email, etc. It's so easy to squeeze into your schedule.

Seriously, get out there and watch whatever you can. Industry pros that charge big bucks for their time are sharing awesome tips and tricks for FREE online.

Now, not ALL content on the web is created equal, so let me help you get started.

Here are some of my favs:

VO BUZZ Weekly hosts in depth interviews with some of the biggest names in the voice over business. You won't find one interview on their channel that won't deliver some pearl of wisdom or healthy dose of inspiration.

Bill DeWees is really great, too.

I recently got on an email list from VO actor and coach, Marc Scott, and just loved some of the videos he put out around the holidays.

Anne Ganguzza is a force in this business. I love her roundtable talks on YouTube. Who doesn't want to know what you should be charging for work? Or how much you should pay for a demo?!

Speaking of rates...

Def check out Gabrielle Nistico sharing her thoughts on what beginners should charge in the post below. I agree with absolutely everything she says in this video.

The suggestions above should be enough to get your started! Listen to who they talk with/about and look up channels with those folks, too. You'll fall down a rabbit hole of learning-- which, IMO, is the best kind of hole to fall down,

And if you want to know how I cut my hair? C'mon, I know you're curious;)



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