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Natalie can go to a studio of your choosing or work out of her own home studio. She prides herself on her ability to provide professional studio sound quality, affordable rates, and uber fast turnaround times. Her gear includes a Neuman TLM 102 mic, Univeral Audio SOLO/610 preamp, and Audient iD14 interface. Natalie can be directed via Source Connect Now, phone patch, or Skype.  

Commercial Demo - Natalie Roers
Affiliate Demo - Natalie Roers




Natalie Roers is a Voice Arts® Awards and PromaxBDA winning voice-over artist, Emmy-winning on-air talent, bestselling author, and musician. Natalie's been described as a "positive badass". She'll kick your project's butt, but do so in a way that leaves you feeling a bit better about the world.  

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Voice Overs


Natalie can go to a studio of your choosing or work out of her own pro home studio. She prides herself on her ability to provide professional studio sound quality, affordable rates, and uber fast turnaround times. Her gear includes a Neumann TLM 102 mic, Univeral Audio SOLO/610 preamp, Audient iD14 interface and LA Vocal Booth. Natalie can be directed via Source Connect, phone patch, or Skype.  

Promo Demo - Natalie Roers
Commercial Demo - Natalie Roers
Affiliate Demo - Natalie Roers

on air

Need a face, too? DONE. In addition to her voice work, Natalie also boasts an impressive on-camera career. A now-retired news anchor, Natalie's decade-long news career spanned across three states and earned her three Emmy nominations and one win! She's also an on-camera spokesperson and actress who has worked on many commercials and films.

On Air


Did you know Natalie's a published author? With a popular industy guide, young adult fantasy, and dark fiction novel already under her belt, be on the look-out for exciting updates here! Click on the titles below for information on how to buy.



2017 Savant Books and Publications

Based on the screenplay by Natalie Roers and Mali Elfman


Derek Fisher is a teenage vagrant with a troubled past. The Scotts are a well-to-do suburban family. Their worlds couldn't seem any further apart, but when Derek takes refuge from the streets and secretly moves into the crawl space under the Scotts' home their paths are set on an explosive predestined collision course.


Natalie Roers' thriller is instantly captivating, with complex characters and a suspenseful plot. A, dare I say, true "page turner". - Michael May, Filmmaker/Cofounder Fun Size Horror

Beneath Them is a sparkling novel that reveals a profound and startling glimpse inside the minds of three deeply drawn characters. Beautifully rendered, deeply felt, and skillfully written, this book is a guaranteed winner. Highly recommended.  - Bestselling author, Aaron Paul Lazar

Available in both paperback and eBook

Available in both paperback and eBook


Interested in voice over? Want to make money from home using your voice? Or, maybe you're curious to get insider information on how to start and develop a voice over business. This step-by-step, easy to understand guide from industry veteran, Natalie Roers, details everything she did from the equipment she used, to how she broke into the business, to how she built her client base to become a full-time home-studio voice over recording artist. 

Whether you're simply interested in what the field entails, are looking to do voice overs as a hobby, or are ready to take your voice work to the next level, this guide addresses your most pressing questions quickly and clearly.



"Some how-to books are so well-written and engaging that you exit feeling energized, as if you too could do exactly what was described in the book. This is true for Roer’s guide to becoming a voice over artist. Using her experience in the industry, Roers breaks down the path to a successful career, beginning with the necessary mindset, workspace, and equipment, and then powering through executing, auditioning, and expanding your opportunities within this exciting field. She is not shilling for a particular company or product, especially not add-on products later sold by herself. Instead, she provides concise and compelling steps to industry-specific information, with occasional humor, skipping over the minutia that any small business owner could learn on his own." ~The US Review of Books.



2015 Eric Hoffer Award, Grand Prize Finalist

2015 Eric Hoffer Award,  Non-fiction eBook, First Runner-Up


Published 2014, 2017, 2021

Available in both paperback and eBook

*Note to readers: You don't need a Kindle to read eBooks! Download the free Kindle app to start reading now on your computer or smartphone.



2013 Twilight Times Books 

Disfigured at birth and ostracized at school, Travis Hunter dreams of acceptance and secretly yearns for the affection of a beautiful young woman named Corrine. When a mysterious doctor promises to help Travis through something called lucid dreaming, Travis gets more than he ever bargained for and soon finds himself learning the secrets of love and life in a fantastic unconscious world.



“The relation between perception and “reality” is intriguing … Brimming with adolescent angst regarding intimacy and choice, this simplistic bildungsroman will most appeal to young fantasy fans.” ~Publisher’s Weekly


“Roers’s debut novel heralds the arrival of an intelligent, heartfelt voice in the world of young adult fiction. The rich characters, emotional complexity, and confident prose are matched only by the landscape of dreams that Roers sets them against… a landscape brought vividly to life by the author’s seemingly boundless imagination. This is a novel that respects its readers as much as its characters, and that’s a beautiful rarity.” ~ Mike Flanagan, Filmmaker, Oculus, Hush, Ouija 2


“Natalie Roers’s debut novel is both riveting and relevant." ~ Jason Tinney (Award-winning freelance journalist, musician, actor and the author of the story collection Bluebird.)


“Lucid is an interesting story and a fun read.”~ Amy Carol Reeves, author of Ripper and Renegade


“Natalie Roers’s voice is amazingly confident for a first novelist. Her journalist’s eye for human detail draws you in, and makes you care about the people who populate the LUCID world. The more I got to know them, both awake and asleep in the world of lucid dreaming, the more time I wanted to spend in their world.” ~ Jeff Howard, writer for Film District and Focus Features.



Dan Poynter's 2014 Global Ebook Awards/ Juvenile Fiction/ Honorable Mention
Author's dB 2013 Book Cover Contest/ Juvenile Fiction/ Silver 



Now streaming everywhere music is sold, click this link to buy Natalie's debut EP, Dollhouse, for less than $4 -

Catch Natalie out live with her band, Riverstone! They're a powerhouse rock/country/pop acoustic duo playing originals and unique takes on covers.  Use this site's contact form for booking inquiries.




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